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vulgar_shudder [userpic]
Casting Call: BBC Sherlock, `The Things You Hide *fluff edition*` vulgar_shudder
by vulgar_shudder (vulgar_shudder)
at November 24th, 2012 (09:40 pm)

Hello, I am vulgar_shudder (Hanna), and I'll be working on a two-scene 5000 word script (alot is directions in that tho) `The Things you Hide` fluff edition by verity burns.

Details about the script:

The Things You Hide is nearly 5000-words long, but a lot of that is directions heavy. It is between the two main characters over two scenes.

Premise of the Script: Sherlock comes home drunk from a case, John looks after him. Things get said by a drunk Sherlock, the next morning they have to talk about it. It's all very cute and fluffy.

Rehearsal Schedule:
I am like GMT+9, so I would like to hold once weekly rehearsals Saturday Evening sometime between Pacific 6PM-12PM (that will be Sunday morning with me). If Europeans are cast, then I am flexible to do rehearsals around GMT Sat Evening time.

List of Characters:

Sherlock Holmes (a drunk and loose lipped consulting detective)
John Watson (his doctor flat mate)

How to audtion:
I am still working on the script, so for the meantime just read an excerpt from the original fic. You will only be auditioned on the character's lines.

Please state whether you are auditioning for John or Sherlock or Both.

If you are auditioning for Sherlock, please give a sample of your DRUNK sherlock, and SOBER sherlock.

Record up to a min of dialogue.

When you've recorded your audition file, please send it, or a link to it, to vulgar.shudder@gmail.com. I will email you once I've received it; if I don't email you back within 24 hours, please PM me on livejournal or comment on this post to ask if I got your audition file!

Any other information:

There is no narrator, I am a radio play fan so we can discuss ideas for sound effects to use.

The script is open to improvisation.

All accents welcome, there is no need to do a British accent if you are not comfortable with it. My decision will be based on who I think will fit together well.

Rehearsals will take place on Skype (my skype username is hbelza) I will record rehearsals with MP3 Skype Recorder and will have copies available for all performers after we've recorded, in case we brainstorm ideas or you'd like to play back the rehearsals to see what your interactions with the other performer sounded like.

I'll say two hour rehearsal sessions, which should give time for multiple run troughs, but may not be required.

For final recording, I'd ideally like each person to record eir own part individually, but I will have a Skype backup as a last-case option.